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Who Are We? What is GSI?

GSI Events is a ongoing project of collaboration between The Novel Guys and Your DNA Guide. This collaboration brings together the amazing work of both Diahan Southard and Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Learning about DNA and genetic genealogy, as well as 'traditional' genealogy, you are led through the process to identify a murderer in a fun, interactive way. So, GSI stands for Genealogy Solves It!

GSI Events launched in March 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah, with their first ever face-to-face event, GSI: Sawtooth. It was so well received that we have planned and are planning more GSI Events. Watch this space for more information and get your name down on our expression-of-interest list. Just go over to to be kept in the loop! Don't forget to sign up to Diahan's and Nathan's newsletters and social media channels to get all the latest information and updates - hop over to their websites.

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