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Dive deep into the thrilling realm of genetic genealogy with GSI's captivating experiences!

For those who can attend an in-person event in Salt Lake City, you can immerse yourself in the chilling ambiance of GSI: Superstition Mountains for an exclusive  cold case murder mystery night, piecing together DNA clues to identify an unknown killer.

Prefer the comforts of home or can't travel to Salt Lake City? Unravel the enigma of a live serial killer case on-demand, at your leisure, from your own home with GSI: Sawtooth.

Both experiences are guided by the unparalleled expertise of DNA guru, Diahan Southard and renowned genealogical crime author, Nathan Dylan Goodwin and both journeys promise not just a whodunit, but a masterclass in investigative genetics. Choose your mystery and become the detective you always dreamed of!

  • GSI: Superstition Mountains

    In-person event in Salt Lake City February 28, 2024
    Valid for 5 months
    • A live cold case murder mystery experience!
    • Learn & Use investigative genetic genealogy techniques
    • With Diahan Southard & Nathan Dylan Goodwin
    • No previous experience necessary
    • FUN!
    • An exclusive bespoke Venator Cold Case!
  • GSI: Sawtooth On-Demand

    On-demand edition of the acclaimed 2023 virtual live event
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • 8 weeks of full access to GSI: Sawtooth On-Demand
    • Work through the case at your own pace
    • Learn investigative genetic genealogy techniques
    • Video guidance from Diahan Southard & Nathan Dylan Goodwin
    • Interactive, hands-on and FUN!
    • Can you identify the serial killer before it's too late?
    • Buy today and choose your own start-date
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