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Crime Scene Tape

The Case

Unlike the previous IGG cases handled by the Venator team, this one is not a cold case, it is live. A serial killer, who has thus far claimed the lives of four innocent women, is at large in Twin Falls City, Idaho. Police believe that it is only a matter of time before he strikes again. The problem is that they have very little evidence to work on. No CCTV, no witnesses and no prime suspects, just a workable DNA sample, which has been processed and uploaded to GEDmatch and FamilyTreeDNA.

Law enforcement, led by Detective Maria González, believe that the killer talks his way into the victims' homes, overpowers them and then drugs them before taking them out of their homes and out of the city. Evidence found at each of the victims' autopsies suggests that they were taken to a wood or forest outside of the city where they were briefly set free. It is the belief of Detective González that the victims are hunted down and savagely murdered before being returned to the city and deposited in front of various churches. No connection between the victims and the churches or members of the hunting community have been established. 

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