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(Makes the dream work)

While you were hard at work on your cluster, the rest of the Venator team was working hard as well. Together you have identified these six great grandparents. Since everyone has EIGHT greats, we are missing two, but we are going to see if we can learn what we need to with just the ones we have.

Your job is to identify which of these great-grandparents (blue slips) married each other, and then which of their children married (green slips), and then who the possible parents of our killer could be yellow slips).

Don't worry! You've got this! We will help. Ideally, by the end of this next step, you will have the names of FOUR brothers; one of whom is our killer.

So write down the names of these six blue great grandparents in your workbook, and then move onto the next page to DO GENEALOGY to fill in the family tree.

Bessie Jane.png
Paul Rawson.png
Lydia Welch.png
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