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A virtual, on-demand sleuthing experience that will have you reviewing documents, tracking down clues, evaluating DNA matches and building family trees in order to stop the Sawtooth killer from striking again!

GSI: Sawtooth

A serial killer is on the loose in Twin Falls, Idaho. A nameless man is kidnapping young women from their own homes, taking them out of the city to kill them before returning their bodies to random locations around the city. Detective Maria Gonzalez heads up the investigation but has very few leads to pursue. In desperation, she turns to Venator-an investigative genetic genealogy company-in the hope that they can identify the killer from his DNA alone before he has the chance to take another life.

YOU will be joining the Venator team and, over the course of this experience, you will help to solve this case using real genetic genealogical methodology (no previous genetic genealogy necessary!)

During this on-demand experience, you will be expertly guided through the various methods and technical approaches of investigative genetic genealogy by Your DNA Guide, Diahan Southard and genealogical crime mystery writer, Nathan Dylan Goodwin. As you try and identify the serial killer in the latest book in the Venator Cold Case Series, The Sawtooth Slayer, you will also be learning techniques to apply to your own DNA research.


Using a workbook and online / interactive documents alongside video presentation, you will develop the skills involved in the real-life process used by forensic and genetic genealogists in the field. With yours and Venator's efforts, this will be a case of Genealogy Solves It!

Any further questions? Visit our FAQs page - there is a dedicated section for GSI: Sawtooth.

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