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The Venator team

Venator is a Salt Lake City-based Investigative Genetic Genealogy company that specializes in solving suspect cases and unidentified human remains. Set up in 2018 by Madison Scott-Barnhart AG ®, the company has solved more than fifty cold cases, working with law enforcement agencies across the globe. 

Madison Scott-Barnhart

Madison Scott-Barnhart AG ® is a professional genealogist, instructor and one of the foremost investigative genetic genealogists in the field. She is the CEO and founder of Venator, a Salt Lake City based company that specialises in working with Law Enforcement on suspect cases and unidentified human remains. 

Kenyatta Nelson

Kenyatta Nelson is a professional genealogist specializing in African American research and using IGG on unidentified human remains. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and regularly teaches at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy as well as presenting for the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society.

Hudson Édouard

Hudson Édouard is a scientist, Certified Genealogist ® and genetic genealogy specialist. He has presented for the National Genealogical Society and regularly writes for genealogy blogs and magazines. 

Becky Larkin

Becky Larkin is an Accredited Genealogist AG® who specializes in IGG suspect cases. She holds a degree and master's in criminology from Simon Fraser University in Canada and has worked for various Law Enforcement agencies prior to starting at Venator. She volunteered for several years at the DNA Doe Project and helped solved several cases as a Search Angel.

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