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Unlocking Mysteries with DNA and Genealogy: The Rise of GSI Events

In a world where past meets present, Nathan Dylan Goodwin and Diahan Southard have taken storytelling and genetic genealogy to an all-new thrilling level. Join us now on a journey as we delve into the evolution of their groundbreaking GSI Events, and find out why you won't want to miss their next captivating endeavour.

The Dream Duo: Nathan & Diahan

Nathan Dylan Goodwin, renowned for his thrilling genealogical crime mysteries, has an uncanny ability to transport readers back in time, weaving together fact, fiction, and forgotten histories. Nathan brings tales to life that are not only gripping but also rooted in real-world genealogical research.

Diahan Southard stands tall in the realm of DNA genealogy. Diahan has empowered countless individuals to decode their genetic legacies. With a background in microbiology, she's the guiding hand many need to navigate the labyrinth of DNA testing.

When these two powerhouses and the companies behind them (The Novel Guys (UK) and Your DNA Guide (USA)) joined forces in 2022, the genealogy world was set abuzz with sheer anticipation. And, boy, they did not disappoint!

The GSI Experience: Sawtooth Saga

The inaugural GSI Events: Sawtooth In-Person in February 2023 was nothing short of electrifying, with its exciting, promising new take on murder-mystery events. Held in Salt Lake City, Utah, participants were treated to a dinner-mystery-style event that was a fusion of Nathan's gripping narratives and Diahan's DNA expertise. Attendees were not mere spectators; they became sleuths, unraveling a killer's identity through the lens of DNA and genealogy. Inspired by one of Nathan's compelling novels, themselves set in Salt Lake City, the event was an immersive experience like no other.

But Nathan and Diahan didn't stop there. Recognising the growing demand and the global audience that beckoned, they transformed this experience into the GSI Events: Sawtooth Virtual. During the summer of 2023, participants from around the world joined in, proving that the thirst for genealogical mysteries knew no bounds.

And for those who yearned to unravel the Sawtooth mystery at their own pace, look no further! For, 26 October 2023 marked the launch of the GSI Events: Sawtooth On-Demand. Whether you're a seasoned genealogist or a curious newbie, this novel product promises a riveting journey.

What's Next: Superstition Mountains Beckons

The energy and enthusiasm from their past events' attendees have spurred Nathan and Diahan, and their teams, to craft yet another masterpiece. Coming February 2024, get ready for GSI Events: Superstition Mountains. Salt Lake City will once again become the backdrop for an in-person, dinner, mystery event, with a tantalising new tale just waiting to be you!

Be Part of the Adventure

Whether you're keen on diving into the Sawtooth On-Demand or marking your calendar for the Superstition Mountains, one thing's for sure: with Nathan and Diahan at the helm, you're in for an unforgettable experience. Visit today, and become part of this exhilarating journey.

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Gave as a gift for Christmas -paid for the online version. My daughter in law can't sign in without my password I didn't get one HELP

Replying to

Hi there! Please get in touch with us at - you will have set a password when you purchased. Speak soon!


I was so looking forward to attending RootsTech ahd this event (which I paid for) but will be having surgery and am unable to attend. I have searched and searched for a way to cancel this registration but have been unable to find it. Perhaps you can tell me how to get my fee back? Thanks, Bonnie Berg

Replying to

Hi Bonnie. On checking, I see you found how to do that. I have been in touch by email. Best wishes from the GSI Team!

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